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Don't Take our Word for It: Ask a Water Sommelier!

Like those in Wine, there are Sommelier’s who have dedicated their pallet to the art and taste of water.  Natural Waters, like Spring and Artesian, are always unique at a chemical level.  The exact mineral content of any one water will never be found in another natural water.

Since natural waters are mineralized deep underground through rock formations, the composition of that rock locally will impart a unique mineral content to the water.  The number of beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and others are a function of both the time the water is underground and the hardness of the rock.  Where softer rock formations like limestone will impart a greater mineral content than hard rock like granite or silica.  It is those minerals that contribute to the unique taste of the water.

RAIN recently has an opportunity to receive feedback on the taste of our Spring Water from a certified Water Sommelier.  We were pleased that he, like most, loved it!


When reviewing this brand of water, the first thing I did was check the information to see what exactly is in it. The TDS is 41, which is super low and would say that’s generally in the range that I have found with other comparable spring waters that I have tested and drank. I think the water is crisp and has a nice overall mouth feel with a slight taste of iron at the end. It has an overly clean taste that, when looking at a fine water in the super lower TDS range, is what I would like. Spring waters as a whole will each have a slightly different taste to a point due to the minerals that it takes in from the ground where it is sourced. The region is really a big part of the development of the outcome of the water. This water is sourced in Georgia. And the makeup of the ground in the area, it is going to have a different flavor profile than it would if sourced in other parts of the country. I think overall, it is a nice water to enjoy with your daily lifestyle and foods.

Keep drinking!!


Bill Erhgood

Certified Water Sommelier