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Elevating a Consumer's Experience Through Plastic-Free Bottled Water

It’s 2021, and whether or not you fully understand all the reasons why, it’s likely you know single-use plastics are bad for the planet. In our industry, this statement generally applies to the bottles the water is packaged in, but it also applies to secondary packaging and shipping materials among other things (more on that in a separate blog).

Okay, so we agree single-use plastics are bad. But, how do you make the transition to an eco-friendly alternative easier for consumers? Well, you take something the consumer is familiar with and you make it better…. You elevate it. For now, we'll focus on how consuming water from a plastic-free bottle, specifically one made of 100% recyclable aluminum, can elevate a consumer’s experience as compared to its traditional PET-bottled counterpart.

While 100% recyclable aluminum bottles are unique, the experience you have drinking from one is not necessarily unfamiliar. Think about it… You unscrew the top, take a swig, screw the top back on, and get back on with your business. While a pop-top can is equally as sustainable, the inability to reseal it creates an unfamiliar experience for the consumer which can make the transition to this eco-friendly alternative harder.

Also, aluminum is 1,300x more thermally conductive than plastic. That means the water gets colder faster. Toss a bottle of RAIN in the fridge, and in 20 minutes, you’re going to be enjoying ice-cold pure mountain spring water. Powdered-supplement taker? Our 38mm closure is about 50% bigger than that of the standard plastic bottle which makes taking your supplements on the go much quicker and easier. And most importantly, research indicates consumers are more likely to refill and reuse their aluminum bottles than plastic.

In a world where you have hundreds of bottled water options to choose from, why not try the one that’s CLEARLY different? Plastic bottled water dominates the shelves and the hands of consumers - Why be like the rest when you can enjoy the exact same thing more uniquely and sustainably.

Think about that next time you have the choice to elevate your experience, help the planet, and sacrifice nothing while you do it.