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How Pure is Your ‘Purified’ Water?

It would be nice if all the water in the world, everywhere, was as pure as rain falling from the sky.  Yet even before modern industrialization those living downstream were subject to the decidedly impure water flowing from villages upstream.  This water use cycle has only been amplified as larger and larger communities draw from limited sources, then treat and release the water farther down the watershed.

Most today are confident in their local ‘purified water’ as a safe source for all their hydrological needs, be it from a municipal supply or an in-home treatment option.  It’s a broad term for sure, defined as ‘water mechanically filtered or processed to remove impurities and make it suitable for use’.  Essentially it’s any method that removes enough contaminants to make it safe enough for human intake, but doesn’t guarantee that the water is beneficial for long-term consumption.

Why?  Most often the ‘unpurified’ water has been already used for industrial or residential purposes, so it’s worth considering the pre-treated source.  Often additives like fluoride are added by town and cities…it’s probably good for your teeth, but is definitely toxic in large enough amounts.  Also although water purification systems remove many contaminants, certain pesticides and chemicals may remain in purified water depending on the type of purification used…and how the water was previously used.

Purified water can still retain high mineral content which can cause kidney stones, appliance failures and buildup in pipes.  Heavy metals such as lead and copper can still be present in treated water.  Chemicals in drinking water can be broken down into three broad categories; inorganic contaminants (IOCs such as arsenic and asbestos), volatile organic contaminants (VOCs e.g. benzene and chloroform), and synthetic organic contaminants (SOCs like glyphosate from Roundup)...and they’re about as healthy as they sound.

Only actual testing can determine what’s in your water (be it well, municipal or bottled) unless it’s from a verified source.  It’s worth remembering that only .5% of tap water is actually ingested and is pre-treated as such, which is to say minimally.

Worry not though!  RAIN has only naturally-occurring electrolytes and minerals derived from deep below the Earth's surface in ancient aquifers and is simply treated with a UV light filter for microbes.  It has not been used or treated by any party prior to being bottled.  It is as ‘pure’ as possible without the need to be purified.  We know you’ll taste and feel the difference compared to the other sources you can choose from.