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Meet The Team!

Meet Dillon Griffin, Contract Bottling Manager, here at RAIN!
Dillon has been with RAIN for just over two years and has previous experience in the construction equipment industry. Dillon and his wife live in Adel, GA, where he grew up. The two just got married in November 2023 on Amber's family pecan farm in South Georgia.
Dillon handles the contract bottling operations at RAIN, making sure our private label customers are taken care of and have a great experience from start to finish on their projects! If you've ever ordered or inquired about our Private Label program, you've probably experienced the incredible customer service and care that Dillon gives to every single person he works with!
 Dillon is passionate about RAIN because he can see the difference we make in a very tangible way - every aluminum bottle that we fill and ship is removing one plastic bottle out of the cycle!