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Meet The Team!

Meet Mark, our Founder & President! Mark founded RAIN with a mission to curb plastic consumption globally.  After consulting for the largest bottling companies, he learned to understand the issue with plastic is economic by nature and won't be solved without alternatives. 
Mark grew up in Arizona where he went to school for Mechanical Engineering and Math.  Living in Arizona, he gained a further appreciation for water, an area where 200 days without rainfall is not uncommon.  Since then, he has worked and lived all over the country, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and Austin TX.  He now lives in Clayton, Georgia with his wife and their one year old son Truett.
When asked why he’s passionate about RAIN, Mark says, “Nearly 1 million plastic bottles are used every minute of every day, and only 9% of those are ever recycled.  Plastics are a necessary product in our modern lives, but as a society we have not done enough to manage the waste produced.  Our waterways, oceans and landfills are overrun with plastic pollution.  An adjustment here requires effort from all of us, and should not come at a sacrifice to convenience.  Regardless of a person's personal opinion on environmental issues, we can agree that garbage should not be in the ocean, lakes and streams.”