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You Drink Beer From a Can, Why Not Water?

Safe to say, you have probably consumed a beverage from an aluminum can. Whether it be your favorite cola, sparkling water, or perhaps an adult beverage, there are many beverages packaged in aluminum cans. And you know the experience of popping the top and enjoying the cold, crisp flavors of your favorite carbonated beverage in a can.

But how often are the beverages you consume from aluminum cans not flavored or carbonated? 

How often have you drunk still water from an aluminum can? I’m guessing not often. 

And if you have, was it the same positive experience you associate with the other beverages? Probably not. But RAIN Pure Mountain Spring Water offers a solution to that - One that is sustainable AND a positive, familiar experience for the consumer - Aluminum bottled spring water.

That’s right, RAIN Pure Mountain Spring Water is bottled at the source in 100% recyclable aluminum bottles.

So first off, why aluminum?

Aluminum is the most sustainable beverage package available, and it’s not even close. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable and the most realistically recycled. The recycling rate of aluminum cans is higher than other formats. The cans are also made with more recycled content. Aluminum cans have more value than plastic, tetra-pak, and even glass which makes recycling programs economically viable and also helps to subsidize the recycling of the less valuable items in the bin.

So it is easy to see why aluminum is the best packaging option, but consumers have to like it to use it. Or in our case, consumers have to enjoy drinking spring water from the aluminum format versus its plastic counterpart.. One way to help ease consumers into sustainable alternatives is through familiarity. Consumers are used to grabbing a bottle of water, removing the cap, taking some swigs, and resealing the cap. Bottles are great for on the go and to keep the contents from spilling. This makes it much more easy to adopt. It also prolongs the use of the bottle because people are more likely to refill it making it a more sustainable option compared to an aluminum can.

At the end of the day, aluminum cans are the most eco-friendly packaging format; however, aluminum bottles can make this same claim to fame while being a more familiar transition which makes it easier for consumers to adopt and enjoy.