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The Marketing of Bottled Water

There are a number of ways to market bottled water; electrolyte, alkaline, all-natural, spring, artesian, etc. What do they all mean and what actually matters? Well let’s start with added electrolytes. When bottled water has added electrolytes, that means it’s no longer an all-natural product; instead it’s gone through a process called reverse osmosis that removes the total dissolved solids (TDS), then ingredients such as calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and potassium bicarbonate are added “for taste” and so the product can be to marketed with “added electrolytes.” The same process can be used to make the water more alkaline. There is no proof to the benefits of purified water that has added salts to make it more alkaline. This is also heavily used in marketing.


RAIN Pure Mountain Spring Water has natural occurring electrolytes which are picked up from the granite rock deposits. As rainfall falls on the mountains and turns into water-shed, it travels underground picking up the natural occurring electrolytes on the way. Then we harvest the spring water passively as it comes to the surface at over 250 gallons per minute. The spring water is alkaline balanced at a 6.8 pH +/-; a lower TDS gives the water a light, crisp, easy to drink flavor.


In addition to being all natural spring water, RAIN Pure Mountain Spring Water is bottled in aluminum which is infinitely recyclable and actually gets recycled. That makes both the packaging and spring water for RAIN more sustainable than the alternatives. And since it’s a resealable aluminum bottle, it can be refilled multiple times before recycling. We like to say aluminum bottled spring water because of its quality, sustainability, and premium feel, creates a better experience for the consumer than plastic bottled water. Drinking RAIN Pure Mountain Spring Water is not the paper straw experience where it’s more sustainable but the consumer might not like it as much as the original.


Because most bottled water is bottled in plastic bottles and very often the water is processed using reverse osmosis, essentially all of the marketing is to get consumers to pay for and drink tap water out of a bottle. At least if you’re going to pay for bottled water, let it be out of a more sustainable and premium package, and let it be natural spring water with natural occurring electrolytes and no added ingredients. Drink bottled water that is Better for You, and Better for the Planet.